Ultimate Guide to Recycled Wallpaper Crafts

Recycled Wallpaper Greeting Cards

When did greeting cards become so expensive? These days, you can spend up to $10 buying a card with plenty of bells, whistles and decorations involved. In the United States, we're exchanging 7 billion greeting cards each year [source: Greeting Card Association]. Think of the cost -- not only on your wallet, but on the environment, for so many cards get thrown away at the end of a party or event.

Instead of purchasing new greeting cards, why not make your own using old wallpaper swatches? There are two good ways to make recycled wallpaper greeting cards.

Gather these materials first:

  • Wallpaper
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Glue
  • Utility knife (optional)

For a basic card, measure the card stock for the size and shape you want for the final product. The post office may charge extra postage for unusual shapes, but you can check the postal service online to see if your size falls into the standard measurements [source: USPS] Then fold the card in half. Fold the wallpaper over the card to measure and cut, then glue the wallpaper to the card. You can also glue wallpaper to the inside of the card. If the paper is design-heavy, you can glue a small square of plain cardstock over the inner design for your message.

For a more intricate, window bearing card, measure your cardstock so that it has two folds and unfolds into thirds. Cut a small window in the center portion with your utility knife. Then, cut a square of wallpaper that is slightly larger than the hole and glue the wallpaper to the edges of the square. Fold the first third of the card back over, so it's covering the inside of the wallpaper on the center portion. Glue in place. Now you have a finished card with pretty wallpaper in the front window [source: Martha Stewart].

These crafts give you solid examples of what you can do with recycled wallpaper, but there are endless opportunities to use it in other ways. Now that you have a feel for the projects, you are sure to see hidden wallpaper craft possibilities everywhere you look.

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