Ultimate Guide to Recycled Wallpaper Crafts

Recycled Wall Paper and Picture Frame Backings

Fine art can be extremely expensive. But a plain, bare wall in your living room will not earn you any admirers. One easy way to decorate the room is to frame recycled wallpaper. Begin by looking for various textures and colors that will complement each other -- along with complementing the color scheme of your room. Once you have a variety of designs, you can get started on this easy project.

For this project, you'll need wallpaper, scissors, picture frames, adhesive glue, a pencil, a measuring tape, a yardstick, some picture hangers or small nails and a hammer. Once you've gathered your materials, it's now time to channel your inner Martha Stewart. If you just want to make one or two frames, you can skip this part of the project. But if you really want to take up a decent amount of space, it's important to prepare. Lay the wallpaper and frames out on the floor. Try turning the frames so that some are vertical and some are horizontal. Play around with the shapes until you find a combination that suits the wall space. Then lay the paper over the frames to see which colors and patterns look best in the design.

Then, one-by-one, and maintaining your layout, open each picture frame and remove any backing. Usually, picture frames come with a piece of paper that already has a fake photo on it. Keep this paper. If there is cardboard that takes up the whole frame, use the cardboard instead.

Measure your wallpaper to fit the fake photo or cardboard and cut. Then you can either place the wallpaper into the frame and close it or glue the wallpaper to the fake photo or cardboard before closing.

Now, paying attention to your layout, use the pencil, measuring tape and yardstick to mark off where you need to hang each frame on the wall to achieve your design. Grab the picture hangers or nails and the hammer and hang the frames on the wall. Stand back and admire your lovely new wall decoration.

The crafts discussed so far involve slightly larger wallpaper swatches. But if you don't have much to work with, there's still one final craft for you. Read on to learn about recycled wallpaper greeting cards.