How to Make Paper Trees

Eucalyptus Paper Tree

Utilize old newspapers and construct eucalyptus paper trees.
Utilize old newspapers and construct eucalyptus paper trees.

Before you toss the newspapers into the recycling bin, make a little news of your own when you make this truly newsworthy eucalyptus paper tree.

What You'll Need:

Two double-page newspaper sheets

How to Make a Eucalyptus Paper Tree:

Step 1: Lay two double-page newspaper sheets together, end to end and overlapping about five inches. Starting at the short end, roll the newspapers into a long tube.

Step 2: Flatten the top half of the tube. Make a tear down the middle of the flattened tube from the top to about halfway down the tube.

Step 3: Re-flatten the tube, with the torn edges at the sides of the tube. Tear the tube again, from the top about halfway down the tub. You now have four top sections of the newspaper.

Step 4: Press the top strips back from the center of the tube so you can see the opening in the top of the tube.

Step 5: Put your fingers in the opening, and slowly begin to pull the strips out from the top until you have a flowing, finished tree. When you are done, it should look like a tree with tiers of leafy branches.

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