How to Make a Paper Tray

By: the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.

Paper Tray Craft
Paper Tray Craft

This colorful paper tray will make Mother's Day (or any day!) extra special.


What You'll Need:

  • Large box lid (from a file box or similar)
  • Acrylic paint: assorted colors
  • Jump rope
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Note: Adult help needed.

Step 1: Turn the box lid so the edges face up to form a tray, and paint the inside. Let dry.

Step 2: Once the inside is dry, paint the bottom and sides of the tray another color. Let dry. Add polka dots or another design around the outside, and paint flowers on the inside. Let dry.

Step 3: Ask a grown-up to help you use scissors to poke 2 holes in both ends of the tray. The holes should be 5 to 6 inches apart.

Step 4: Cut an 8- or 9-inch section from each end of the jump rope. Thread one section through the holes on each side of the box, with the rope's plastic handle between the holes and on the outside of the box. Knot the ends of the rope on the inside of the box to secure the handle.

Thread the jump rope through the sides of the Paper Tray to make handles.
Thread the jump rope through the sidesof the Paper Tray to make handles.

Now use the tray to bring a treat to someone special!


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