How to Make a Paper Magnet

Paper Magnet paper crafts
Paper Magnet paper crafts

With these cute paper magnets for kids, you now can have the sun, moon, and stars right in your own room!

These easy-to-make but oh-so-fun magnets would also make a great present for Mother's Day or a sparkling birthday present for your best friend.


What You'll Need:

Plastic mold (we used a sun, moon, and star mold)

Nonstick cooking spray


Tissue (or toilet) paper

Paints: yellow, pink, and blue

Glitter: dark and light blue

2 green faux jewels

3 self-adhesive magnets

Paper towels






Craft glue


Plastic spoon

Step 1: Prepare a plastic mold by washing with soap and water; dry. Spray the inside of the mold with a thin coat of cooking spray. Lightly rinse and pat dry with paper towels. Tear tissue into 131-inch pieces and place in a blender with 1 quart cold water. Blend at high speed for 1 minute. Pour paper pulp into a strainer to drain until the water stops running.

Prepare the paper pulp.
Prepare the paper pulp.

Step 2: Place mold on a folded towel. Scoop a handful of paper pulp and place into the first shape, spreading evenly and making sure it extends around the flat outside of the mold. This will create a ragged border and will add a delicate, handmade touch. Repeat for the other shapes.

Step 3: Gently press pulp into the mold with a sponge. Wring out the sponge and repeat. The pressure of the sponge may pull the pulp away from the edge of the mold. Take a small amount of pulp and patch the spot. It is important to patch all holes and thin spots. If you don't sponge enough water out of the mold, your final project will have a wrinkled finish.

Step 4: Dry the pulp completely by leaving it out overnight. When the paper is completely dry, carefully lift the edges and peel the paper castings out of the mold.

Step 5: Paint the paper castings however you like. We painted our sun and moon yellow and added pink mouths and cheeks. We painted the eyelashes and the eyebrows blue. We painted the star pink.

Paint the paper craft magnets in your favorite colors.
Paint the paper craft magnets in your favorite colors.

Step 6: Use a toothpick and craft glue to place small jewels on the eyes of the sun. With toothpick, place glue along top edges of star. With plastic spoon, pour light blue glitter onto glue. Put glue around the outside edges of all castings. Use light blue glitter for sun and dark blue glitter around moon and star.

Step 7: Peel paper off magnets and attach to back of shapes.


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ABOUT THE CRAFT DESIGNERSContributing Designers for this craft: Sharon Broutzas, Rice Freeman-Zachery, Connie Matricardi, Susan Milord, Lynnette Schuepbach, Kim Solga, Florence Temko