How to Make Paper Lanterns

Make a paper bag luminary.
Make a paper bag luminary.

Paper lanterns for kids brighten the night with a magical glow. Whether they remind you of staying up late on hot summer nights, Halloween trick-or-treating, or faraway places, paper lanterns are something special.

All that magic is easy and inexpensive to conjure up -- and makes a fun craft activity to do with kids. All it takes is a few supplies, some simple instructions, and a little work.

Follow the links below to learn how you can make your own paper lanterns.

Glowing Lantern

Choose patterned paper to give this paper lantern personality.

Paper Bag Luminary

Cut paper designs into a bag to make a shining paper lantern.

Keep reading to learn how to turn tissue paper, craft sticks, and a glow-stick into a glowing lantern.

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