How to Make Paper Jewelry Boxes

Special Jewelry Box
You can turn a simple egg carton into a special jewelry box.
You can turn a simple egg carton into a special jewelry box.

Everyone needs a special place to keep their treasures -- why not show them off in a box as pretty as they are?

What You'll Need:

Paper egg carton

Tissue paper, assorted colors

Glitter paint

Faux gems

Beaded trim

Letter stickers


Craft glue

Pie tin


How to Make a Special Jewelry Box:

Step 1: Cut different colors of tissue paper into one-inch triangles. It's okay to make the triangles different shapes and slightly different sizes.

Step 2: Pour glue into a pie tin, and stir in enough water to make it the thickness of heavy cream. Using a paintbrush, brush this mixture over the top half of the egg carton.

By overlapping the colors, you

One by one, place the tissue paper triangles onto the glue and use your fingers to gently smooth them down. Overlap different colors and shapes, covering the top half of the carton. (Paint more glue over the surface as needed to adhere the tissue paper.)

When the surface is completely covered, brush another layer of glue mixture over the whole thing; let dry 30 to 40 minutes.

Step 3: Paint the bottom half of the egg carton with glitter paint in a color that complements the top. Let dry, then paint the inside.

Step 4: Glue on gems and trim, and apply letter stickers to personalize the top of the jewelry box.

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