How to Make Paper Jewelry Boxes

Matchbox Drawers
Matchbox drawers have perfect compartments for all your valuables.
Matchbox drawers have perfect compartments for all your valuables.

These little matchbox drawers are the ideal hiding places for all sorts of treasures, from jewelry to secret messages.

What You'll Need:

4 empty matchboxes

2 pieces of mat board, 3-1/2 inches square

1 sheet of fuchsia tissue paper

4 brads

4 jump rings, 4mm

4 jump rings, 6mm

4 small gold star charms

1 sheet each pink, red, and purple cardstock

4 red wooden macrame beads, 1 inch diameter

White craft glue


Thick tacky glue




Small star punch

How to Make Matchbox Drawers:

Step 1: Spread glue on one side and around the edges of one mat board. Crumple up the tissue paper, flatten it out, and then tear two pieces big enough to cover the mat board with a little to fold over the edges. Press one piece onto the glue and fold under the edges. Let dry and repeat for a second layer. Repeat for second mat board.

Step 2: Spread glue on one long side of each matchbox, going over the top and bottom just a little. Tear pieces of tissue paper slightly larger and press in place. Let dry and repeat. Do the same with one end of each drawer of the matchboxes. When the second layer of tissue paper has dried on all pieces of the matchboxes, trim as needed.

Tape the covers of the box, and make sure the covered sides face out.

Step 3: Use tape to attach the covers of the boxes to each other in a square, with the covered sides facing out. The outside edges should line up, and there should be a square hole in the middle.

Step 4: Apply tacky glue with the toothpick to the top and bottom of the matchbox square and attach the pieces of mat board, covered sides facing out. Press this "sandwich" under a medium-weight book and let dry. Have an adult poke a hole in the middle of each of the covered ends of the drawers with the awl.

Step 5: Thread a small jump ring onto a large jump ring. Attach a star charm to the small jump ring using the pliers. Make four.

Push the brad through the drawer's holes.

Step 6: Thread a large jump ring onto a brad. Slide brad through the hole in a drawer and fan out the back of the brad. Repeat for other drawers.

Step 7: Use the star punch to make a dozen or so stars out of each color of cardstock. Use the toothpick to put a dot of tacky glue in each place you want a star. Press stars in place.

Step 8: Insert the drawers. Attach the macrame beads to the bottom of the finished box with glue. Let dry.

Keep reading to learn how to make an egg-cellent jewelry box.

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