How to Make Paper Hats

Crazy Clown Hat
A crazy clown hat is a fun project for adults and kids to work on together.
A crazy clown hat is a fun project for adults and kids to work on together.

It's such fun to wear a crazy clown hat that you've created! This one looks so good, you might even be tempted to become a professional clown. But regardless of your career aspirations, this hat is definitely as much fun to wear as it is to make. (It also makes a great table decoration.)

What You'll Need

Paper grocery bag

Red acrylic paint or spray paint

2-inch foam ball

Green chenille stem

Construction paper or card stock (yellow, orange, green)

2 yards orange ribbon, 1-1/4 inch wide


Serrated knife


Craft glue

How to Make a Crazy Clown Hat

Step 1: Crumple and open up the paper bag several times to soften it. Roll up the bottom edge to make the brim. To make a tall hat, roll a smallish brim; to make a shorter hat, roll a bigger brim.

Step 2: Paint the hat red. (If using spray paint, make sure you have adult help.) Let dry.

Glue the half-ball, flat side down, inside the bag.

Step 3: Ask a grown-up to cut a foam ball in half using a serrated knife. Discard one half. Turn the hat upside down so the opening faces up, and glue the foam piece flat side down inside the bag. Let dry; turn the hat right side up.

Step 4: Fold a green chenille stem so one side is longer than the other. Poke the folded end through the top of the bag, and push it into the foam ball. (Use scissors to poke a starter hole in the bag if necessary.) Cut two flowers out of yellow paper, two orange circles to fit in the center of the flowers, and two green leaves. Glue the pieces onto the ends of the chenille stem to make flowers.

Step 5: Wrap the orange ribbon around the hat, just above the brim, and tie it into a bow in front.

Keep the sun out of your eyes with a decorative, flower-laden sun visor. Find out how to make it on the next page.

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