How to Make Paper Desk Organizers

Paper desk organizers will help keep your desk tidy.
Paper desk organizers will help keep your desk tidy.
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Taming a cluttered desk is so simple to do once you learn how to make paper desk organizers for kids. Whether you prefer a horizontal organizer to store all your materials or one that's vertical for your belongings, there is a design here for you.

After you make your first paper desk organizer, you'll see how easy they are to make. And since the items you need to make the organizers are readily available, you'll have plenty of finished organizers to hand out to friends or family.

Follow the links below to learn how to make your own paper desk organizer:

Dandy Desk Organizer

Find a place for all your pencils, paper clips, or whatever else you need to get your work done.

Desktop Organizer

Keep your workspace clear of clutter with this vertical organizer.

Desk Set Organizer

With a few household items you can make a set to organize your entire desk.

Keep reading to learn how to turn a cereal box into a desktop helper.

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