How to Make a Paper Bank

The Paper Banks kids paper craft
The Paper Banks kids paper craft

With these cute paper banks, learning how to budget comes easy. Saving up for that new toy you've had your eye on will be easier than ever -- you can 'bank' on it with this fun paper craft.

Read on to discover how you can make these cute banks for yourself -- and learn how to be a good money manager in the meantime!


What You'll Need:

3 cylindrical containers with plastic lids, different sizes

Construction paper

Stickers (optional)

Tape measure


Craft glue

Black marker

Craft knife

Note: Adult help needed.

Step 1: Measure and cut a piece of paper to cover each of the containers. Wrap the paper around each container; glue in place. Decorate each with stripes and shapes of paper or stickers.

Step 2: With a black marker, write the words 'save,' 'spend,' and 'give' on individual strips of paper. Glue the 'spend' label to the largest container, 'save' to the middle size, and 'give' to the smallest. Or make your own decision about which label should go on which container!

Step 3: Ask a grown-up to carefully cut slots big enough for a quarter to fit through in the center of the plastic lids.

TIP: Potato chip canisters and oatmeal containers are the perfect sizes for this project.

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