Paper Art Designs

Paper art designs go great with homemade cards.
Paper art designs go great with homemade cards.
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Paper art designs put a common craft material -- paper -- to extraordinary use. Mobiles, stained glass and mosaics get an easy-to-do makeover with these paper art crafts.

In no time kids will be creating works of art that you'll want for every room in the house. Use these paper crafts to help your little Picasso get started.

Follow the links to start creating gorgeous paper art designs:

Paper Cutouts

Paper doesn't have to stay flat. Cut out the extra work with these easy paper art designs that pop.

Swirling Paper Twirls

A paper art design is three times as nice when it's in 3-D. Find out how to put a twist on your paper art designs with this craft.

Stained Glass Sun Catcher

Stained glass without the glass? Find out how to use paper to create a stained-glass effect in this paper art design.

Paper Mosaic

Paper stands in for tiles in this paper craft mosaic. Find out how to create your own using these instructions.

Start out simple with the first craft -- all you need are scissors and your imagination to create a unique design.