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Positive and Negative Cutout Craft

A finished positive and negative cutout.
A finished positive and negative cutout.
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See both sides of the picture with this fun positive and negative cutout craft. You'll never run out of ideas and you'll want to do this project again and again.

What You'll Need:

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

How to Make the Positive and Negative Cutout:

Step 1: Cut a 4x4-inch square from construction paper. Cut a shape into each side, saving the cut-out pieces.

Step 2: Place the cut square and the cutouts on another piece of brightly colored construction paper. Arrange the cutouts in a mirror image of the square's side shapes.

Step 3: After you've positioned the pieces, glue your design to the construction paper background.

Experiment with all kinds of shapes. You can even glue small cutouts in the center of bigger ones. Or you can tear out the pieces instead of using scissors to cut them. After you've created several cutouts, make them into a collage or frame the finished pieces.

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