Paper Art Crafts

Let the sunshine work its magic with this solar print craft.
Let the sunshine work its magic with this solar print craft.

Crafts are an excellent way to keep yourself busy and keep your mind active as well. These paper art crafts for kids are easy to do and can be finished in no time. Children of all ages, family and friends can work together and help each other create something new and exciting.

In this article you will find detailed descriptions of how to make paper art crafts and there are pictures to help give you an idea of what each finished paper craft should look like.


Try to not to completely duplicate what you see in the pictures. If your imagination takes you in another direction, don't hesitate to follow it.

Confetti Picture Craft

Does your drawing need a little something extra? Jazz it up with this confetti picture craft.

Tissue Paper Craft

This tissue paper craft is perfect for kids. Take various colored tissue paper and make something memorable.

Solar Print Craft

Add a little sunshine to your picture and see what happens. This solar print craft truly sparkles.

Positive and Negative Cutout Craft

See both sides of the picture with this positive and negative cutout craft.

Pyramid Pictures Craft

This pyramid pictures craft will teach you how to add layer upon layer of detail. Once you start it'll be hard to stop!

Art in Pieces Craft

Break your art into sections with this stimulating craft.

Seasonal Silhouette Collage

Whatever your favorite season is, celebrate it with this fun seasonal silhouette collage!

Cartoon Evolution Craft

Try this cartoon evolution craft and alter your favorite cartoon characters into something futuristic.

Self Portrait Craft

This self portrait craft is an excellent way to make a picture of yourself that someone special to you can treasure for a long time to come.

Patriotic Collage

Get out the red, white and blue and make a patriotic collage you'll never forget.

Paper Weaving Craft

Is your wall looking a little too bare? If it is, why not dress it up with this fun paper weaving craft? You'll be glad you did.

Weave a Paper Plate Craft

Take a plain paper plate and turn it into something special with this fun weave a paper plate craft.

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