How to Make Paper Airplanes

Balloon Rockets
Balloon Rockets
Balloon Rockets
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Balloon rockets take homemade planes to new and exciting places. Just hold the end, aim, let it go, and watch it fly.

What You'll Need:

  • Markers
  • Lightweight paper
  • Transparent tape
  • Blunt scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil balloons (long and thin)

How to make balloon rockets:

Step 1: Draw a design for your rocket on a piece of paper. With the design side facing out, bring the ends of the paper together to form a tube. Overlap the ends until the diameter of the tube is slightly larger than the diameter of a blown-up balloon. Tape the ends to secure it.

Form a tube with the piece of paper. (Step 1)
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Step 2: Cut a piece of paper in half, horizontally. Using one half, bring the top ends together and overlap them to form a cone. Tape the ends to secure it. Trim the excess paper at the bottom of the cone. Tape the cone to the top of the rocket.

Use the other half of the paper to make the rocket fins. Cut the paper in half, vertically. Cut a triangle from each half. Fold the long side of one triangle in about 1/4 inch. Tape it to one side of the rocket. Repeat with the other triangle.

Create the rocket fins and cone with another piece of paper. (Step 2)
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Step 3: Blow up a pencil balloon. Do not tie the end in a knot. Hold the end closed, and place it inside the rocket tube. Let go of the end, and send your rocket to the moon. (Be sure to throw away any discarded balloons when you're finished -- they are a choking hazard. And please don't shoot your rocket into anyone's face.)

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