How to Make Paper Airplanes

Paper Plane Playoff Activity

Put your best paper airplane to the test with the paper plane playoff activity.

Most of us love building paper airplanes. Most of us have our own favorite designs. So why not go head-to-head with your friends' paper airplanes?

What You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Paper clips
  • Long play area (park or playground)
  • Leaves (optional)

How to play the paper plane playoff activity:

Step 1: Build your best paper plane.

Step 2: Stand side-to-side with your best friend and his or her plane. Let them fly.

Step 3: Make the exact same alteration to each plane such as adding a paper clip to the nose of the plane, tear a tiny notch in the tail, or even add a small leaf to each wing.

Step 4: Fly the planes again. Repeat the process until one plane is disabled. The plane that endures the most changes wins.

Don't have a paper airplane to challenge? Give the powerful FA Thunderhawk a shot. Learn how to make this paper airplane in the next section.

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