How to Make a Paper Bat

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The only limits on paper folding are the imagination and skill of the artist. One fun and relatively easy design is a paper bat.

Here's how to make a paper bat:


  1. Lay a square piece of paper on the table. Place it corner up, so it looks like a diamond. You don't need special origami paper [source: Origami-instructions]. The size of the paper will determine the size of the bat.
  2. Fold the top corner down to the bottom corner. Crease and open.
  3. Fold the left corner over to the right. Crease and open.
  4. Turn over the paper, placing it like a square (rather than a diamond).
  5. Fold the paper in half horizontally. Crease and open.
  6. Fold the paper in half vertically. Crease and open.
  7. Push the middle of the left and right sides together along the creases. Flatten the paper. You now have a triangle.
  8. Fold the top point of the triangle so it touches the center of the opposite side. You can see three triangle shapes on your paper.
  9. Fold the top layer of paper on each of the side triangles, so the bottom edges meet at the vertical centerline.
  10. Fold the flaps you just folded up, back behind the model. The tips should touch the base at the midpoint. Both the front and back of your paper look like a downward pointing triangle on top of a trapezoid.
  11. Look at the back of the paper. Fold the two points forming the bottom tip of the triangle up, so they extend past the top of the model. [source: Krohe]
  12. Turn the paper over to the front and fold the model in half vertically.
  13. Imagine a line running from where the hypotenuse meets the top, horizontal edge to the bottom corner of the vertical-side edge. Fold the top layer of paper up along that line and crease firmly.
  14. Flip the paper over and repeat the last step. These folds will be your bat's wings.
  15. Unfold the wings. Flip the paper over. Fold each wing up along the edge of the central triangle layer. The tip points straight up.
  16. Fold each wing in half horizontally, so the top tip comes down and touches the bottom corner. Unfold the wings.
  17. Stick a finger inside each ear and open to the front.