How to Make Bubble Letters On Paper

Making your own signs and cards is a fun and creative way to get any message across. And if you want to make your sign festive and fun, try using bubble letters to express your words. Read the tips listed below and learn about how you can develop your own style of bubble letters.

  • Stencils You can trace bubble letters from stencils that are readily available online. Find a stencil you like and print it out. Place a thin piece of paper on top of the printout and trace the letters. You can make stencil bubble letters your own by decorating them in your own unique style. After practicing with stencils, you'll become comfortable drawing the letters on your own [source: Classroom Jr.].
  • Free style Another easy way to draw bubble letters is to draw around your print handwriting. Write your message, in pencil, on a piece of paper. Make sure to leave space between the letters. Draw the bubble letters in marker around your regular handwriting. You can either color in the bubble letters with a colored marker or erase the pencil markings [source: Art Graffiti].
  • Graph paper Using graph paper when you draw bubble letters will allow you to size the letters evenly and keep the letters in a straight line [source: WN].
  • Develop your own style Once you master simple bubble letters, try adding some personality to your new font. You can add hearts over the i's or in the hole of the o's. Or you might want to add stitching to each of the letters, so they look like baseballs. You can draw vines and leaves growing out of the bubble letters. The sky's the limit. Bubble letters allow you to be creative and fun!