Holiday Bag Crafts

Creating a bonny-bright basket is a perfect way to welcome spring.
Creating a bonny-bright basket is a perfect way to welcome spring.

Crafting a holiday bag is not just for the winter season. A bonny-bright basket is the perfect craft to help celebrate the springtime holidays. It's super-quick and easy to create, and it's just the thing to fill with goodies or little treasures.

Some parts of this craft may be difficult for small hands, so kids will want an adult to help.

What You'll Need

Yellow paper bag, 4-3/4 inches wide

Assorted stickers




Craft glue

How to Make a Bonny-Bright Basket

Step 1: With the bag flat on your work surface, measure and cut 3 inches off the top. Set this piece aside.

Step 2: Open the bottom of the bag. Fold 1 inch of the top edge down into the inside of the bag; repeat to create the basket base.

Fold the top edge inside the bag.

Step 3: Using the piece you set aside in step 1, fold in 1 inch lengthwise on both sides. Glue these sides together to create a 1-inch-wide strip (for the handle).

Glue the handle on the bag.

Step 4: Measure 2-1/2 inches from one end of the handle, and fold at this line. Glue the folded end centered in the bottom of the basket. Glue the next 2-1/2 inches of the handle up the side of the basket. Loop the handle over to the other side of the basket, and pull down until the end of the handle meets the strip at the bottom. Glue the handle in place on the second side of the basket.

Step 5: Decorate the outside of the basket and the handle with stickers.

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