Construction Paper Crafts

Double line drawing
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Construction paper crafts for kids bring out the creativity in even the youngest kids. They offer fun for the whole family, even in a group with varied ages. Kids can make drawings as simple or as complex as they want, and these crafts still give a rewarding result.

"Keep it simple" could be the motto of these crafts, as you draw with two crayons, experiment with sponging in flower art, or make transparent pictures that the sun will flood with light. Gather a few materials, round up the kids, have them rev up their imaginations, and get ready to enjoy an impromptu art experience.

Keep reading to find out how you can make your own construction paper crafts:

Double Line Drawing

Draw pictures that may make you think you're seeing double.

Sponge Flower Art

Discover how to use sponges to create a vase of colorful flowers.

See-Through Pictures

Let the sunshine make your vibrant pictures bolder and brighter.

Two crayons can be better than one for double line drawing. Go to the next page to find out how to do this art technique.

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