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Amazing Folded Book
Oh, the fun you'll have with the Amazing Folded Book!
Oh, the fun you'll have with the Amazing Folded Book!

Instead of simple pages, this paper craft accordion book has pop-out pages -- a terrific surprise! Your kids can stamp on the pages, write on them, or glue in photographs. A super gift or private journal.

What You'll Need:

  • 2 pieces of white mat board, 4 inches square
  • Rubber stamps: small circle, square, and triangle
  • Ink pads: red, orange, and yellow
  • 2 pieces each of yellow, orange, and red paper, 8 inches square
  • 2 pieces of red ribbon, 18 inches long
  • Tools: Glue stick, waxed paper, white craft glue, and 2-inch square of scrap cardboard

How to Make an Amazing Folded Book:Step 1: Stamp the circle, square, and triangle in yellow, orange, and red on one side of each square of mat board.

Stamp one side of each mat board.

Step 2: Use the piece of cardboard to spread a line of glue on the unstamped side of each piece of mat board, running diagonally from corner to corner. Center the ribbon along this line, with the ends extending out from each corner of the board. Press the ribbon into the glue and set aside to dry.

On the unstamped side, spread a diagonal line of glue and affix the ribbon.

Step 3: Fold each sheet of colored paper as follows: Fold it in half diagonally. Open it flat and turn it over. Fold it in half (into a rectangle), open it flat and then fold it in half the other way (also a rectangle). Leave this last fold. (Photo below shows all folds.)

When folded, each sheet of colored paper will look like this.

Step 4: Let the fold rest on the table. Grasp the top corners and slowly bring your hands closer together. The top edges should open and begin to move out and to the sides. As you continue to move your hands together, you will see that you are forming a folded square.

Form each sheet of colored paper into a square and press the folds flat.

Lay this square on the table and press the folds flat. Remember that you don't have to force the paper into a square; it will naturally fold that way as you bring your hands together.

Step 5: When all sheets have been folded into squares, glue the outsides together with the glue stick, making sure the open ends all face the same way. These are the pages of your book.

Place a piece of waxed paper inside each piece to keep glue from getting on the inside. Press the stack of sheets together and let dry.

Stack the colored pages together and glue a stamped mat boards to each side.

Step 6: Spread white craft glue on the unstamped sides of the mat boards, over the attached ribbon. Align one end of the book with each board and press. (Ribbon should cross where pages open.) Let dry.

Tie the ends of the ribbons into bows.

Step 7: On the side that doesn't open, tie the ends of the ribbons into a knot and then into a bow. On the front side, tie the ends into a bow that can be untied to open the book.

Top open the book, untie the bow on the front side.

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