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Arts & Crafts at HowStuffWorks contains a variety of arts and crafts for kids. Stimulate your child's creativity with these decorative arts and crafts.

There are crafters with bins and closets full of papers, bobbles, bits and glues. Ever wondered what all of that stuff really is? Use our handy craft glossary to find out!

You want to make a rag doll for your grandchild. Learn how to make a rag doll from this article.

Your child has to learn how to build a lighthouse. Learn here how to build a small lighthouse.

Making ribbon flowers for gift wrapping, hats, etc. adds that special touch. Read this article to learn how to make ribbon flowers.

You can make ribbon roses with some 1.5 inch (3.8 centimeter) ribbon, floral wire and artificial leaves. Learn about how to make ribbon roses in this article.

It's been a long time since you made your own clay and you have forgotten how to do it. Don't worry, keep on reading and we'll show you how to make clay.

You'd like to make your daughter a doll house for her birthday, but don't know where to start. Learn about how to make a wooden doll house from this article.

You promised to show your class how to make the pyramids of Egypt out of clay. Read on and learn how to make pyramids out of clay.

There are all sorts of homemade baby shower favors that are easy to make. Learn how to make homemade baby shower favors in this article.

Whether you're looking for a way to spend rainy days at home or hoping to launch a profitable business, crafting is a popular pastime among men, women and children of all ages. But you might need a little help finding the right project. Choose one from this list, and you can't go wrong.

Kids' Activities keep little ones busy, engaged, and focused. On holidays or during vacations, Find fun games, projects, and crafts designed to keep kids busy and active indoors and out. Take a look at these fun and engaging Kids' Activities.

Science Projects for Kids: Reflection and Refraction provides the opportunity to look more closely at the world you. Read this article to find out more a bout reflection and refraction experiments for kids.

Science projects for kids: weather and seasons are an ideal teaching tool because they keep kids engaged and clearly explain natural phenomenon, such as weather and seasons.

In Science Projects for Kids: Current Electricity, you can discover answers to all kinds of questions about how positive and negative charges work.

The plant kingdom contains some of the most fascinating living things around. And what better way to explore the world of plants than with science projects for kids: classifying plants?

Science Projects for Kids: Density and Volume teaches kids about density, or how compact a substance is, and volume, or how much space a substance occupies.

Science Projects for Kids: Producing Sounds introduces kids to the science of noise. Read this article for many aural experiments.

These marble games for kids are great indoor activities to play on a rainy day. Get your friends and family involved as well. Marble games do require some skill and dexterity in order to be successful. Check out these fun marble games for kids.

Science projects for kids: light and heat are a great way for your children to learn how light and heat affect common objects. Read this article to learn more about light and heat science projects for kids.

With these science projects for kids: chemical reactions, your children can learn that, simply put, chemical reactions happen when one substance is turned into another.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself attracted to these science projects for kids on magnets and metal. Read this article to find more magnet and metal experiments for kids.

Science projects for kids: measuring helps them learn how to estimate. With estimating tricks, a surveying tool and some simple objects, kids can become measuring experts. Figure out the height of a tree and a hill, and find your latitude.

Trying to comprehend the science of matter may seem complicated, but Science Projects for Kids: States of Matter makes understanding it easy and interesting.

Science projects for kids: the incredible universe takes you to worlds just waiting to be discovered. With simple instructions and everyday materials, you'll be learning more about constellations with the kids.

Earth's natural satellite is waiting to be discovered in these science projects for kids: the moon. With just a few simple materials, kids can learn more about the phases of the moon, how the moon moves, and what it looks like.