Plant Activities for Kids

Grass Flowers

Do grasses have flowers? Use your observation skills to learn in the grass flowers activity. What is a flower? It's the reproductive part of a flowering plant. A flower may have anthers that make pollen, an ovary that makes seeds, or both. Plants pollinated by insects have bright petals, but plants pollinated by wind don't need to "advertise." What You'll Need:

  • Grassy meadow that you can visit often
  • Magnifying glass

How to Inspect Grass Flowers:Step 1: Visit a grassy meadow in early spring, just when the grasses form their seed heads. Observe the heads with your magnifying glass. Green or papery structures called "bracts" hold the seed.

Step 2: Return to the meadow until you see small dangling structures sticking out between the bracts. Some are anthers, which make pollen. They hang outside of the bracts so that when they ripen and split open, pollen scatters to the wind.

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