Plant Activities for Kids

Nature's Perfume

Plants and flowers are nature's perfume. Many plants have flowers that smell good. But some plants have leaves that smell good, too. A good example is the scented geranium. Its scent can range from peppermint to lemon to nutmeg -- even coconut! Say, is that peppermint? Give your nose a treat by planting lovely scented geraniums.

What You'll Need:

  • Potted scented-leaf geranium plants

How to Grow Nature's Perfume:

You can grow scented geraniums in pots indoors, or outdoors in summer. Buy some small potted geraniums at a plant nursery. Be sure to tell the nursery worker that you want "scented" geraniums, because there are many varieties of geraniums that are not scented.

Let your friends sniff them and guess the scents.

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