Nature Projects for Kids

Camp-Out Project for Kids

Camping with family is so much fun!
Camping with family is so much fun!
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If the great outdoors sounds like a great destination to you, this camp-out project for kids is a sure winner for you and your family.

Sleeping under the stars, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over an open campfire and singing campfire songs is just as much fun at home as it is away.

To Prepare:

Pack for your camp-out project "trip" as though you really were leaving home. Have each camper bring a backpack and a sleeping bag. Pack a toiletry kit, appropriate clothes to sleep in, and clothes to change into in the morning.

To keep the camping experience more real, try to use the house as little as possible. If you have one, set up a tent in the backyard.

Pack food and drinks in a cooler or ice chest. Bring cooking and eating utensils for each meal you plan to eat outside. To eliminate dish washing, use disposable paper plates and cups and bring a garbage bag to put them in.

If your area allows it, consider building a real campfire if a member of the family would enjoy showing off his or her scouting skills. You could also fire up the old kettle grill.

Suggestions for supper include hot dogs and buns or ready-made sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit, drinks and marshmallows for toasting. For breakfast you might bring juice boxes, muffins or donuts. Bring bottled water for drinking and brushing teeth!

Pack activity extras, such as flashlights and extra batteries, roasting sticks and a book to share and read aloud. Don't forget the music: a guitar, harmonica or other musical instrument is extra fun!

Set up your campsite. Choose smooth and level ground on which to pitch your tent or to spread out your sleeping bags. Spread a large tarp on the ground under the sleeping bags to keep the dampness and bugs out.

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