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Night Sky Project for Kids

Get ready for the greatest light show on earth!
Get ready for the greatest light show on earth!
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Try this night sky project for kids and see the light show that nature puts on every evening.

You've probably seen a few spectacular sunrises and sunsets, but have you ever watched the whole sky to see how the colors change as the sun goes down?

What You'll Need:

  • Notepad and pencil
  • Watercolors or colored pencils
  • Watch

On a clear evening, find a place to sit where you can watch the eastern and western horizons. Use watercolors or colored pencils to record the night sky one hour before sunset.

What you should see in the east is white light near the horizon, pale blue just above it, and blue in the bowl of the sky. The western sky will look warmer than the eastern sky.

Twenty minutes before sunset, you may see pale orange at the eastern horizon, white above that, and shades of blue above that. The western sky will be full of yellows, oranges and pinks.

As the sun sets, look east to see dark blue at the horizon, brilliant shades of red, orange or purple at the level of the setting sun's rays, and pale yellow and deep blue high above. The western sky should glow orange.

If you look carefully, you might see a rare flash of green light just as the sun disappears below the horizon. Just after sunset, the western horizon will be bright and warm with pink bands fading into purple.

In the east, you'll see dark blue at the horizon, purple above that, and red in the bowl of the sky. Twenty minutes after sunset, the western horizon may still be yellow or orange, but above is a band of rosy pink fading into purple.

The eastern horizon is turning dark purple, with blue above that and purple or red in the bowl of the sky. If there is a lot of smoke or dust in the air, the colors may be different. Heavy pollution can produce spectacular orange and red sunsets.

Continue reading to find our more about our stargazing project next in nature projects for kids. After you are finished you'll be able to spot the major constellations in no time at all!

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