Nature Projects for Kids

Creek Discovery Project for Kids

Try this creek discovery project for kids and learn a lot about a creek or stream -- if you know where to look! If there is a creek or stream near where you live, spend some time walking along its banks.

If the water is deep, have an adult go along with you. Pay close attention to the different kinds of plants and animals that live in the water and on the banks. Look closely at the current. Is it the same everywhere, or is it faster in some places and slower in others?

Can you think of reasons for the differences? (For one thing, the current is swifter where the water is shallow, and slower where the water is deep.) What about the surface of the water?

Is it smooth in some places and choppy in others? A small area of choppy water might mean there is a rock or large log just under the surface. Is the water level in the creek higher or lower than normal?

You can tell by looking at the banks. If there is bare, damp soil along the banks, the creek is lower than normal. If you see green land plants or trees growing out of the water, the creek is higher than normal.

Can you tell why the creek flows where it does? Does it go around obstacles, such as large rocks?

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