Nature Garden Activities for Kids

Pumpkin Tunnel for Kids

A pumpkin tunnel for kids will make your kids look at pumpkins in a whole new way. These gorgeous garden gourds aren't just for Halloween!

To build your tunnel, you'll need a sunny area of the garden about five feet wide.

What You'll Need:

  • Garden space
  • Heavy concrete reinforcement mesh or 11 poles about five feet long
  • Pumpkin seeds

How to Make a Pumpkin Tunnel with Mesh:Step 1: A parent or adult should cut the mesh into a piece about five feet wide and six feet long. Shape it into an arch, pushing the ends of the wire on the five-foot long sides into the soil. Step 2: Plant pumpkin, gourd, or cucumber seeds along the sides, or use transplants. As the plants grow, they will cover the mesh and make a nice tunnel to play in.How to Make a Pumpkin Tunnel with Poles:If concrete mesh is hard to find, you can make your tunnel from poles.Step 1: Stick five poles in the ground one foot apart, then make another line of poles three feet away. Tie the tops to a cross pole to form the shape of a tunnel. Step 2: Plant your seeds at the base of each pole. As the plants grow, you may want to tie them to the poles with strips of rag to help them climb.Cover the floor of your tunnel with grass clippings or straw for comfort.

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