Nature Garden Activities for Kids

Bean Tent for Kids

Bean tent for kids is an exciting nature garden activity for kids that lets your family grow a summer playhouse in your very own garden.

What You'll Need:

  • Garden space
  • Bean seeds
  • Poles at least six feet long
  • String

How to Make a Bean Tent:

Step 1: Start with a sunny patch of garden space about four or five feet wide. Rake the soil smooth, then mark a circle with a diameter of about three or four feet.

Step 2: Help kids stick poles into the soil all around the circle, about a foot apart, and tie them together at the top.

Step 3: Tie a string to the base of one of the poles. Run the string around all the poles, looping it once or twice around each one. Leave a space between two poles as your doorway.

Step 4: Run more string from the top of the poles to the string at the bottom, leaving about four or six inches of space between the strings. Plant your bean seeds all around the circle. Water them well after planting.

Step 5: Water the seeds twice a week or as needed while the beans grow. Help the young bean plants find your tent poles and strings so they can grow up them.

Soon your kids will have a shady tent to play in!

If you've mastered the bean tent, try to grow the more challenging pumpkin tunnel in the next section of nature garden activities for kids.

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