Nature Garden Activities for Kids

Beanstalk Village for Kids

Create a beanstalk village.
Create a beanstalk village.
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Create a beanstalk village for Jack (or Joan or Jim or Judy) with this fun nature garden activity. Your kids will experience the magic of watching their beanstalks grow in a fantasy garden plot complete with little plastic figures!

What You'll Need:

  • Garden spot
  • Three equal-length dowel rods or branches
  • Pole bean seeds
  • Water
  • Plastic villagers or army men

How to Make a Beanstalk Village:

The next time you plant pole beans (the "reach for the stars" vines that crawl way up stakes and fences), set up a tiny village too.

Step 1: Arrange plastic people at the base of the plant and the pole you stake down for it to climb.

Step 2: Before you know it, your fantasy folk will be settled around a gigantic adventure. You'll grow your imagination along with those beans.

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