Nature Garden Activities for Kids

Grow a Pizza for Kids

In this fun nature garden activity, your kids will grow a pizza garden of fresh ingredients. Of course, growing your own pizza takes a little longer than having it delivered, but it can be worth the wait. When you're hungry for pizza, you can get one without ordering out.

What You'll Need:

  • Plants that grow pizza ingredients (tomatoes, green peppers, onions, herbs)
  • A garden plot or large pots

How to Grow a Pizza:Step 1: What veggies do your kids like on their pizza? Grow them from seeds or seedlings starting in the spring, and plan a home-grown pizza party sometime in the summer. Step 2: In addition to tomatoes, green peppers, and other pizza veggies, you can grow herbs for your pizza. Basil and oregano are the most commonly used. You might also try chives, rosemary, or other herbs. They're all easy to grow in small pots or in a garden.Step 3: When your pizza garden is ready, all you'll need is a pizza crust, some cheese, and a few hungry friends.

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