Nature Experiments for Kids

Whifflepoof Trail Game for Kids

Try the whifflepoof trail game.
Try the whifflepoof trail game.
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This whifflepoof trail game for kids is a great nature experiment for teaching tracking skills. Try playing it with your kids during your next trip to the woods or the park.

What You'll Need:

  • Small log (about 4 inches in diameter, 18 inches long)
  • A few dozen large nails
  • Screw eye
  • Heavy twine

How to Play the Whifflepoof Trail Game: An adult or parent should assist kids with the nails and screws in this project.Step 1: Take a small log and drive a few dozen nails into it, leaving about two inches of each nail still sticking out, until the log bristles with nails. Step 2: Take a large screw eye and screw it into one end of the log. Tie a length of rope about four feet long to the screw eye.

Step 3: To play the game, have one person drag the whifflepoof through woods or an open field while the other players close their eyes.

The person dragging the whifflepoof should make as long a trail as possible in the area. When the trail is done, the rest of the players attempt to follow it.

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