Nature Experiments for Kids

Toad Shelter Activity for Kids

Make a toad shelter.
Make a toad shelter.
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In this fun nature experiment, your kids will make a toad shelter for your friendly backyard amphibians. Toads don't really give us warts, like the old wives' tale suggests, but they do eat lots of insect pests.

Create a toad shelter and your kids will get to observe their amphibious ways!

What You'll Need:

  • Broken ceramic flower pot or bowl
  • Mosses and soft leaves
  • Plenty of moisture

How to Make a Toad Shelter:

Step 1: Use a broken pot or bowl turned with the curved side up as a toad shelter. Line the ground beneath the pot with moist moss and leaves.

Step 2: Make sure you put the pots near an area where there is plenty of water. Then wait for the toads to arrive. They'll eat lots of bugs and give you plenty to look at.

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