Nature Craft Activities for Kids

Ancient Message Stones for Kids

Paint rocks to create petroglyphs -- ancient message stones -- just like people did thousands of years ago. Use your creativity in this nature craft activity for kids.

Painted Message Stones
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Make some painted message stones.

What You'll Need:

  • Crumbly rocks or dirt
  • Bag
  • Hammer
  • Binding medium (such as egg yolks, liquid soap, or liquid starch)
  • Large flat rock

"Petro" means rock and "glyph" means carving, so petroglyphs are rock carvings. Some ancient petroglyphs pointed the way to a stream or a shelter. Some might have told others, "Grog was here." These writings tell us about people who lived thousands of years ago. Here's how to make your own petroglyphs:

Step 1: First, make your paint. Use crumbly rocks, dirt, or a mixture of both. Whatever you use, it should be colorful so it will show up when you paint it on a flat rock. Crush the rocks into a powder. Put them in a grocery bag and pound them with a hammer. Mix the powder with egg yolks, liquid soap, or liquid starch.

Step 2: Now use your fingers to make petroglyphs on a large, flat rock. What do you have to say to people who will live thousands of years from now?

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