Nature Craft Activities for Kids

Nature's resources can provide us with much more than just food, shelter, and scenic beauty. They can provide fun and recreation, as in nature craft activities for kids.

Natural objects were the inspiration for the very first human crafts and the very first works of art. Our ancestors -- even as recently as some of our grandparents -- used nature for practical and creative purposes that many of us aren't aware of at all now or take for granted because the resulting products are available to us in stores.

Pebble Mosaic
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Make a Pebble Mosaic.

You can reconnect to nature in new and interesting ways by getting involved in some of the nature craft activities listed below. Use sand as a mold for candles or as a medium for making clay or cement. Use colors from nature to dye fabrics. Use stones to create pictures and messages.

Candles in the Sand
Make candle molds right in the sand at your feet! Or bring a box of sand indoors and make these cool candles there.

Precious Belongings Pouch
What better to keep your valuables in than a special pouch you make yourself?

Stick Picture Frames
You can make beautiful little picture frames out of cinnamon sticks -- they look great and smell even better.

Natural Dyes
Make dyes the way your ancient ancestors did and enjoy their subtle but beautiful colors.

Pebble Mosaic
Use the resources around you to make unique works of art. Find pebbles to make pretty mosaics.

Natural Concrete Sculpture
Learn how to make your own concrete, and then use it to create vases, pots, and sculptures.

Ancient Message Stones
Communicate the old-fashioned way, by painting messages on stones to give instructions or point the way.

Mud Decorating
Go wild after the next rainstorm and do some decorating with mud. Or make your own mud if it doesn't happen to be the rainy season.

Start your nature craft explorations with our first project, Candles in the Sand, on the next page.

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