Fruit Crafts for Kids

Fruit crafts for kids take ordinary fruits you probably have around the house and turn them into enchanting projects. These projects are designed to be simple yet engaging.

In the end, your child will feel a sense of achievement at the accomplishment. For the first time, parents will be encouraging their children to play with their food!


These fruits are better than healthy -- they're fun. Find out how to turn berries or nuts into ink or how to make dolls from apples.

Apple-Head Dolls

Carefully carve funny faces into apples and then dress them up. These dolls are as unique as the person who carves them.

Apple Rings

Apples aren't just for eating. Cut an apple into rings and make a decorative garland.

Berry Nice Ink

The age-old process of writing just got more interesting. Find out how to make your own ink from the juice of berries.

Nuts About Ink

Are you nuts? Do you think you can make ink from walnut shells? In fact, you can! Find out how.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Instead of purchasing sun-dried tomatoes at a gourmet food shop for a pretty penny, make you own. Follow these simple directions.

An apple-head doll a day keeps boredom away! Keep reading to learn how to make this whimsical fruit craft.

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