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Flower Crafts for Kids

Stately Flowers

Stately flowers are lovely flowers intended to symbolize a state. Each state has an official flower, usually one that grows in the state. You can grow your state's flower. Or, if you prefer another flower, don't worry! You can grow that one, too! What You'll Need:

  • Encyclopedia or almanac
  • Pot and potting soil
  • Seeds or seedling

How To Grow Your State's Flower:

Find out from the list below what your state flower is. Why do you think that flower was picked as a symbol of your state? What about other states? Do any states share the same flower? Does your town or county have its own official flower?


You can grow your state flower, either from seeds or from a seedling you buy at a nursery. Or pick another state. Maybe you want to try to grow all the states!

The following is a list of each state's flower:

Alabama: Camellia

Alaska: Forget-me-not

Arizona: Saguaro cactus blossom

Arkansas: Apple blossom

California: Golden poppy

Colorado: Rocky mountain columbine

Connecticut: Mountain laurel

Delaware: Peach blossom

District of Columbia: American beauty rose

Florida: Orange blossom

Georgia: Cherokee rose

Hawaii: Yellow hibiscus

Idaho: Syringa

Illinois: Native violet

Indiana: Peony

Iowa: Wild rose

Kansas: Native sunflower

Kentucky: Goldenrod

Louisiana: Magnolia

Maine: White pine cone and tassel

Maryland: Black-eyed susan

Massachusetts: Mayflower

Michigan: Apple blossom

Minnesota: Pink and white lady's-slipper

Mississippi: Magnolia

Missouri: Hawthorn

Montana: Bitterroot

Nebraska: Goldenrod

Nevada: Sagebrush

New Hampshire: Purple lilac

New Jersey: Purple violet

New Mexico: Yucca

New York: Rose

North Carolina: Dogwood

North Dakota: Wild prairie rose

Ohio: Scarlet carnation

Oklahoma: Mistletoe

Oregon: Oregon grape

Pennsylvania: Mountain laurel

Rhode Island: Violet

South Carolina: Yellow jessamine

South Dakota: Pasqueflower

Tennessee: Iris

Texas: Bluebonnet

Utah: Sego lily

Vermont: Red clover

Virginia: Dogwood

Washington: Western rhododendron

West Virginia: Big rhododendron

Wisconsin: Wood violet

Wyoming: Indian paintbrush

On the next page, find out how to grow an unusual type of flower -- one that only blooms at night!

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