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Free Pillow Knitting Patterns

Free Chevron Pillow Knitting Pattern

The chevron pillow looks great and is a fast and easy knit.

Fabulous colors, interesting texture, and a terrific pattern make this pillow a must-have accessory. Choose your own color palette and brighten up your home instantly. This quick-to-knit project makes a great gift.

Finished Size

15x15" (38x38cm)


What You'll Need

Yarn: Bulky weight yarn in solid color (yarn A), about 100 yards (91.5m); bulky weight thick-and-thin yarn in multicolor (yarn B), about 300 yards (274m)

We used: Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Chunky (75% wool, 25% alpaca; 110 yards [100m] per 100g skein): #1450 blue pine (yarn A), 1 skein; Schaefer Yarns Elaine (100% merino wool; 300 yards [274m] per 8oz skein): Gertrude Ederle (yarn B), 1 skein

Needles: US size 101/2 (6.5mm)

Notions: Stitch markers; long sewing pins; tapestry needle; 15" (38cm) square pillow form


14 stitches and 16 rows=4" (10cm) in pattern

View Enlarged Image The finished chevron pillow will fit standard pillow forms.

Make the Pillow

With yarn A, cast on 51 stitches.

Rows 1 and 2: Knit. Cut yarn leaving 4" (10cm) tail to weave in later.

Row 3 (right side): Join yarn B, knit 2, *knit into front and back of next stitch, knit 3, work slip slip knit decrease, knit 1, knit 2 together, knit 2, knit into front and back of next stitch**; repeat from * to ** 3 times more until 1 stitch remains, knit 1. Yarn B remains attached to work throughout project.

Row 4: With yarn B, knit 1, purl across row until 2 stitches remain, knit 2.

Rows 5, 7, and 9: Repeat row 3.

Rows 6, 8, and 10: Repeat row 4.

Repeat rows 1-10 eleven times more for a total of 120 rows, rejoining yarn A at the start of every row 1. Piece should measure about 30" (76cm).

Rejoin yarn A; knit 2 rows. Bind off with A. Cut yarns A and B leaving 4" (10cm) tails.

Finishing the Chevron Pillow

Weave in loose ends and block to size. Fold piece in half with wrong sides together and cast-on edge meeting bind-off edge. Pin in place, matching rows. With yarn A threaded on tapestry needle, sew sides together using mattress stitch. Insert pillow form; sew cast-on and bind-off edges together using mattress stitch.

Add bands of color and texture to your decor -- keep readying for our curly striped pillow pattern.

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