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The Home Crafts channel offers a variety of DIY projects for your home. Find ways to creatively enhance your surroundings and celebrate family life here.

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Soap Crafts

These delightful soap craft sculptures can help turn routine hand washing into an amusing game for your kids. Soap crafts for kids includes how to make your own homemade soaps. Check out this article for a helpful formula to make your own soaps.

Stamp and Stencil Crafts

No need to go to the art supply store -- you and your child can make any shape of stamp you want with ordinary household objects like potatoes or erasers. Check out these ideas for stamp and stencil projects.

Ribbon Crafts

Ribbons are pretty, inexpensive and versatile. And you may be surprised by what can be made with only a few strings. These ribbon crafts are each explained in detail and include pictures to help you see what the final craft should look like.

Water Color Paint Crafts

Watercolor paining is fun, but it's also an involved project. The good thing is that your child will do more than just paint, he or she will improve coordination, learn to think creatively and develop an increased attention span. Try these projects for new ideas.

Wood Crafts

Carpentry is certainly not child's play, but with a little help and guidance, kids can complete small woodworking projects. Read this article for tips and step-by-step instructions that will get their creative fires burning.

Collage Crafts

Collage crafts for kids are not limited to scraps of newspapers and magazines pasted onto a piece of construction paper. Your child can utilize a variety of common household products to create a collage masterpiece. Check out these ideas.

Foam Crafts

Foam is used for packing boxes, making mattresses, and soundproofing homes. But foam leftover from these household projects can be used for crafting, too. Round up your spare foam and show your child how to make these fun crafts.

How to Make No-Sew Crafts

Creating designer duds and accessories no longer requires a sewing machine. Your children can make their very own fashions and pillows with these no-sew crafts. All it takes is some old fabric and a little creativity.

Pasta Crafts

What's better than that time-honored classic, the macaroni necklace? How about macaroni Christmas tree tinsel? Check out our ideas for children's pasta crafts.

Decorative Crafts for Kids

What's more exciting for a kid than decorating his or her very own room? Making those decorations from scratch! Chech out these decorative projects that will put your child's unique personality on display.

Paint Activities

Whether it's done with brushes, feathers or fingers, painting is always a fun project. This article shows you new ways to paint, different techniques and how to use materials you may never have thought to use. Get tips and then show your child how it's done.

Marker Crafts

Markers add the finishing touch to almost any craft project. Try these projects to get new ideas about using markers and other household objects. Get ready to help your child make his mark!

Clay Crafts

Ready to get your hands dirty? Sculpting is a fun way to create new objects for the home or experiment with new shapes. The best part, though, is that we've got an assortment of clay recipes you can make out of ordinary household materials.

Magnet Crafts

Magnets add personality to any ordinary household refrigerator. Whether it's recycling old magnets by creating new covers to mount on them or creating your own new design, magnet crafts are fun crafts for kids to do. Check out these ideas!

Sculpture Crafts

Sculptures are not only fun to make, they're great to display and give as gifts. Find ideas for using new materials and step-by-step projects for making sculpture crafts in this article. Learn all about sculpture crafts.

How to Make Games

Games are a natural part of childhood. Whether you're looking for a rainy-day activity or an entertaining way to spend an evening, learning how to make games is a great project for kids and adults to do together.

Party Activities for Kids

Don't let your child's party be dull due to lack of planned activities. Plenty of party activities for kids can be found here to keep everyone entertained. Whether you'll have two or twenty party-goers, you'll find fun stuff here.

How to Make Educational Games

Your children will learn valuable lessons about art, math, and logic while making and playing educational games. Encourage your kids to be creative, but be sure to help them to understand the lessons inherent in these activities.

Paint Crafts

Kids love to create, and these paint crafts projects will show them new techniques they can use to make pieces that are worthy of a frame -- or at least a treasured spot on the fridge. In this article, you'll find projects that utilize handy household ingredients and others that teach kids new ways to think about color and texture.

How to Make Mobiles

Mobiles can be made simply to add a splash of color or they can create magical sounds like wind chimes. The impact of your mobile is only limited by your imagination. Get inspiration with these fun projects.

Fabric Crafts

From sock puppets to family flags, these simple fabric crafts fun to share and easy to make. Use felt, cotton or even old socks as material. Read on to learn how to make fabric crafts.

Art Crafts

Exercise your imagination by working on an art craft. These projects are simple and fun, but you'll be impressed with what you've accomplished when you see the results. Check out our huge assortment of crafty activities!

Milk Jug Crafts

Milk jugs aren't just cardboard or plastic, they're craft supplies that can help fuel your child's creativity (in addition to nourishing growing bones!) You can liven up a game of catch, customize cars for a road rally on the living room rug, or take a cable car on an imaginary trip in the Swiss Alps.

Music Crafts

Making music is a fun activity for kids, especially when they can make their own instruments! Learn how to build musical instruments with everyday household objects, and show your kids how to play!

Uses for Baking Soda: Children's Activities

Baking soda can be a fun addition to children's activities. Baking soda's chemical properties can add unpredictability to usual projects or may pique an interest in science. Learn to use baking soda in children's activities.