Scrapbooking 101

Creating Your First Page

Let your imagination run wild!
Let your imagination run wild!
Beth Kingston

Gather your photos and decide on a theme. Are these photos of your son's first birthday? Are they of your family vacation to the beach? This will help you to select additional supplies and get started on your journaling.

Choose a color cardstock for your background. Sometimes it is helpful to pick cardstock that picks up colors in the photos, or it can be eye-catching to make the colors contrast instead. If you need help selecting colors, an inexpensive color wheel can be picked up at any craft store.

Lay out the photos and decide how you will arrange them. If the background of the photo is not important, you may crop (or cut) the photo with your trimmer so the focus is on the subject. Other times, it's interesting to see the background. Also remember that you don't have to use EVERY photo from an event. If you have several photos to choose from - you can pick the ones that are most flattering to the subject, or really capture the emotions of the event. If you have one great photo - that should be the focal point of the page.

After you decide on the layout, mat your photos on patterned paper or cardstock. Think of a catchy title for the layout and add using stickers or decorative pens. Before you add any final embellishments, add journaling to your page. For some pages, the title along with names and dates will be sufficient. However, if the photos bring back a special memory or story, don't be afraid to share those thoughts on your page. How did you feel? What do you remember most about that day? If you have embellishments that go with your page colors or themes, add them as finishing touches. Not sure how to use embellishments on your page? This is where looking at other layouts for inspiration can come in handy.

If you find yourself getting frustrated or feeling challenged by scrapbooking, remember WHY you are doing it. Every page doesn't have to be perfect, or elaborate, or expensive. You are creating a history of your life and sharing the stories of your family, which will be treasured for years to come. Have fun!