Scrapbooking 101

Organize Your Photos

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend the next two years of your life organizing your photos before you can start scrapbooking. Start by developing the photos that are currently on your camera, then keep an eye out for deals from your local drugstore or online photo development site to develop the photos stored on your computer. If you've got your photos arranged chronologically you can put them in a photo storage box as is. If not - make a game of organizing the photos with your family. They will love going through the photos together and your kids may remember the year Jenny got a trampoline for her birthday or Jimmy won his first karate trophy better than you do! This together time is also a great way to collect stories and details for you to journal on your pages later.

When you DO have some time to really dig in and start organizing, begin with any photos that are in magnetic photo albums. If you have magnetic albums that are less than five years old, tackle these first. The majority of damage done to a photo is in its first five years. Are your photos stuck in the album? Try dental floss to pry them off safely. If that doesn't work, there is a product called UN-DU that safely removes adhesive from photos. If they just will NOT come out, the final option is to have copies made of the photos right where they are.

While you are working on getting all of your photos into one place, don't forget to look in the garage, attic, drawers, files, closets, frames around your house, old Christmas cards and letters. Scrapbooks are a wonderful place to store memorabilia as well.