Sand Crafts

to your home -- or t­he perfect gift for a friend!
to your home -- or t­he perfect gift for a friend!

Kids love to play with sand, and with these fun sand crafts for kids, it's always a day at the beach! Rain or shine, it only takes a few supplies and a bit of imagination to turn ordinary grains of sand into a treasured work of art.

Ask your kids to shovel up a bucket of sand during your next trip to the shore, or pick up a bag of play sand at your neighborhood hardware store. You'll be amazed at the really beautiful effects you and your kids can create when you work together.

Sand crafts make great gifts or fun take-home souvenirs after a trip to the coast. Best of all, these sand projects won't ever get washed away by an unexpected wave!

Follow the links below to learn how you and your kids can use sand to make fantastic art crafts:

Sand Casting

Create a one-of-a-kind sculpture with simple sand and plaster of Paris.

Sand Jars

Put the sunny colors of the beach on display with a jarred sand picture.

Keep reading to learn how your kids can become master sculptors through sand casting.

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