Photo Crafts and Activities

Photo Collage

A Photo Collage tells a story in pictures. You can describe a particular object with a series of photographs and never even say or write a word.

Collages are best when they're full of pictures and images of the same type, but not necessarily the exact same thing. For example, you can do a photo collage of cats and include pictures of Siamese cats, cat food, tigers, and other related images.

What You'll Need:

  • Camera
  • Color film
  • Craft glue
  • Long mat-board (available at art supply stores)

Step 1: Take a series of different photos of the same thing such as several types of dogs or close-ups of a variety of flowers.

Step 2: Glue the photographs in a row on a colorful piece of mat-board. Choose a color that picks up something in your pictures.

You can also take a series of pictures of parts of an object. For instance, take photos of car tires, the trunk of the car, and the car grille. Put them together on the mat-board.

Make several Photo Collages and have a showing of your photography. You can choose to create collages that all follow one theme, or create a 'gallery' of dozens of totally different subjects.

The next photo craft will show you how to make a special frame for a special photo -- this can go in your gallery too.

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