Photo Crafts and Activities

Still Life Photography

The Still Life Photography activity uses light and texture to tell a story. Instead of photographing people or buildings, experiment with making a still life.

A still life is an arrangement of objects that have interesting shapes and textures. Artists often use strong light to make interesting shadows.

Many artists arrange fruits and vases as subjects; you can try a basketball, shoes, hoop, and net or whatever else interests you. Choose your favorite objects and create a still life.

What You'll Need:

  • Camera
  • Black-and-white or color film
  • Interesting objects (for the still life arrangement)

Step 1: Look for some interesting objects and arrange them on a table.

Step 2: Take a picture of your still life arrangement.

Try using different kinds of light such as natural light, spotlight, or colored light when taking your photos. Take pictures from different angles as well.

Go to a museum and look at all the still life paintings on the walls. Can you re-create a still life painting with your camera?

The next photo activity asks you to look at your subjects (even your still life subjects) from a new point of view.

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