Photo Crafts and Activities

Point of View Photo project.

If you're interested in photography, you'll have a blast exploring these great photo crafts and activities for kids.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but when you add creative techniques to photography, there's no telling how much your picture can say. One-of-a-kind frames, interesting camera angles, and drawn portions of your photographs open up new ways to create art with your camera.


Explore all these cool photo craft activities and then dream up your own ideas.

Still Life Photography

Just like still life paintings, a photograph of a carefully set still life can produce striking results.

Point of View Photos

By changing the angle of your camera, you can see your subject in a whole new way.

Half and Half Pictures

Half your photograph gets torn off in this photo craft and you replace the missing part -- with help from your imagination.

Photo Puppet Theater

Make your own photo puppets and then use them as characters in an original script for your puppet theater.

Fantasy Photos

The sky's the limit when you create fantasy environments for ordinary photographs.

Photo Statues

These statues look awfully familiar -- and they stand on their own two feet.

Silly Photos

You can change the way your friends look in pictures with this crazy photo craft activity.

Photo Collage

Combine all your favorite photos into collages and then give a showing of your photography.

Seashell Frame

The perfect compliment to great pictures from the beach or the pool is a pretty seashell frame. Learn how to put a water scene in a Seashell Frame.

With a camera and a few simple art supplies, you can create photo art that is unique and different. Allow your creativity to shine -- and don't forget to say 'cheese.' On the next page, learn how to make a unique still life photograph.

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