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Fox and Hounds

Fox and hounds is a great game to play with a large group of your friends.
Fox and hounds is a great game to play with a large group of your friends.

Gather up a bunch of your friend to play fox and hounds, and find out who will outfox whom.

What You'll Need:

  • A group of people, the larger the better
  • Deck of cards

How to Play Fox and Hounds:

Step 1: Have everyone sit in a circle. Remove all the face cards from a deck of cards except for one joker.

Step 2: Choose a person to be the game leader. Count out as many cards as there are people playing, except for the game leader, making sure to include the joker. The game leader deals out the cards face down to the other players. Whoever gets the joker is the fox.

Step 3: After the cards have been passed out, collect them again. Now the game leader instructs the group, or "hounds," to "fall asleep" by bowing their heads and closing their eyes. Only the fox stays "awake" so the game leader can identify him or her.

Step 4: The game leader calls for the hounds to "awaken." The group plays the game in rounds, eliminating one person from the game at a time.

Step 5: When the hounds "awaken," the players stare closely at each others' eyes and suggest one or more people they believe to be the fox. When they decide on a person to question, he or she must tell the group why he or she couldn't be the fox. If the group believes that person, they choose another until they find a person they decide to eliminate.

Step 6: While everyone is staring at each other, the fox carefully winks at someone (without being seen by the others) and eliminates them. That person waits a few seconds, and then announces, "I've just been outfoxed."

Step 7: The game leader calls for the hounds to "fall asleep" again, and everyone except the fox and the eliminated players bow their heads and close their eyes.

Step 8: Once someone is eliminated, they can remain and watch the rest of the game, but they may not speak at any time or give clues about the fox's identity.

Step 9: Play continues until one person is left--either the fox or a hound. The hounds win the game if they manage to find the fox in this manner before he or she outfoxes them.

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