Paint Activities

Feather paint a picture.
Feather paint a picture.
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Using paint activities for kids, you can create art that will warm up any room, create a fun memory, or make a great gift for others.

Unleash your inner artist using painting tools like feathers, fingers, and toes. Using paints, you and your child can make creative art crafts with just a few simple items.


Follow the links below to find more colorful paint activities:

Painting in Opposites

Learn art basics by creating a color wheel and paint eye-catching art using complementary colors.

Fun Finger Paints

Toss your brush aside and make fun, fanciful art with your fingers.

Feather Painting

Paint whimsical scenes and abstracts using both the sharp and soft ends of a feather.

Painted Presents

Learn how to paint personalized gifts for family and friends.

Toe Painting

Use your other digits -- your toes -- to create messy decorative artwork.

Sponge Painting Activity

Sponge painting is a great way to add a delicate touch to the backgrounds of your canvases.

India Ink Smoke Paint Activity

Create swirling, magical book covers and note-cards with this cool paint activity.

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