Milk Jug Crafts

Garden Markers

Cut shapes from the jug.
Cut shapes from the jug.

With garden markers, you'll never forget where you planted the carrots! You can even make notes about watering needs and harvest time.

What You'll Need:

  • Permanent markers
  • Plastic milk jugs
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Garden seeds

Step 1: On a plastic milk jug, draw cut lines for a square with a spike shape at the bottom, as shown in the illustration.

Step 2: With an adult's help, cut out the garden marker shape.

Step 3: Draw the plant's picture shown on your package of garden seeds. Write the name of the plant as well.

Garden marker Garden marker
Garden marker

Step 4: Add the plastic markers to your garden.

You can also make a set of garden markers for your houseplants. Learn all the names of your plants and how to care for them, and then write the instructions on the plastic markers.

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