Marker Crafts

Tie a bow on your marker craft and give it as a gift.
Tie a bow on your marker craft and give it as a gift.

Make your mark in indelible ink with a marker craft for kids. These projects combine drawing and crafting skills to create useful (or just plain fun) items that show off your personalized designs.

If you're tired of drawing pictures on paper and coloring in the lines, this is a great way to be creative and make something new. Whether you want to make models to play with or a special gift to give, you'll find an idea in a marker craft.


Follow the links below to learn how to make your own marker crafts for kids:

Optical Illusion Marker Drawing

Baffle your brain and astound your eyes with an optical illusion.

Life-Sized Self-Portrait

Trace an outline of your body and let the fun begin.

Corner Bookmark

Tired of the same old bookmark? Here's an inventive way to mark your page.

Picture Puns Craft Game

Puzzle your friends with this fun word game.

Letter-Writing Kit

It's a breeze to write a letter with your own letter-writing kit.

Candle Dish

Light up a room with your designs.

Decorated Mailing Tube

Send it in style with a handmade mailing tube.

Parent's Job List Craft

Give your parents something to show them how much you appreciate all the jobs they do for you.

Keep reading to learn a drawing technique that puts the magic in your markers.

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