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Baseball Target Game

Step 4: Label the baseball diamond
Step 4: Label the baseball diamond
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When you have a baseball target game, there'll be no more rained-out baseball games. Of course, this one isn't played with a real bat and ball, but the advantage is that you can play it in the house. The game is fun to make, and you'll have even more fun when it's time to call out "Batter up!"

What You'll Need

12 inches of 1/2-inch-wide hook-and-loop tape (just the hook part)


Blunt scissors

4 Ping-Pong balls

Fabric glue

16x18-inch piece of light-colored felt

2 pieces of cardboard (one 16x18-inch piece and one 4x6-inch piece

Permanent markers

How to Make the Baseball Target Game

Step 1: Cut the hook-and-loop tape into four 2-inch pieces.

Step 2: Glue a piece around each Ping-Pong ball.

Step 3: Glue the felt on the large cardboard piece. Let the glue set.

Step 4: Draw a baseball diamond on the felt, and label it as shown.

Step 5: Cut four baseball players about 1-inch wide from the small cardboard piece. Glue a square of hook-and-loop tape to the back of each player.

Place the players on the baseball diamond to keep track of balls, strikes, outs, and runs scored.

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